Kan't Kopy® K1 2-Part Carbonless Prescription Paper with 9 Features

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Description & Specs

Kan't Kopy 2-part K1 Carbonless Prescription Paper offers protection from unauthorized copying. It includes a blue top sheet with a canary bottom sheet and has 9 security features to protect your documents. Security features include:

  • Pantograph (hidden message) - When an unauthorized person tries to copy; or scan the original, a hidden message appears.
  • Color Match - The original color of Kan't Kopy paper can not be reproduced with any type of copy process.
  • Kan't Kopy Artificial Watermark - An artificial watermark is manufactured onto the paper.
  • Anti-Copy Coin Rub - Watermark on the back turns black when rubbed with a coin.
  • Erasure Protection - Guards against erasing/modifying and scanning.
  • Security Features Box - Security features box printed on back indicating security features.
  • Microprint Protection - Text too small for the naked eye is printed on the perimeter of the security features box.
  • Acid Free - Preserves documents for a longer period of time.
  • Thermochromic Ink(heat sensitive) - Red ink with the "Rx" image reacts when exposed to heat, making it nontransferable on copied documents.

Pantograph copy performance is subject to the printing equipment used.

Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. 

  • Paper Stock:

    20 Lb. Bond

  • Additional Security Features:


  • Pantograph:


  • Paper Coating:


  • Paper GSM:


  • Paper Color:


  • Printer Compatibility:

    Digital, Dry Toner, Laser, Offset, Inkjet

  • Security Features:

    Watermark, Pantograph, Microprint Protection, Features Box, Erasure Protection, Color Match, Coin Rub, Acid Free, Thermochromic Ink

  • Security Level:


1 Review

Lauren M. Dec 13th 2022

Great quality of both product and service!

I have been so pleased with BlanksUsa.com! The prescription paper is exactly how it was described & I am very happy that we had the options of paper size, pantograph message and package quantity. When our animal hospital decided to switch from prescription pads to printing them out with our own software I searched for many different options and placed an order for a different brand initially but was not happy with it because it did not have a carbonless copy as well. I shortly after discovered this website and we have not had to order any other brand since. We always receive our order in a few days & I love that we receive rewards that go toward future orders. There have been a few occasions that we received our tracking information after we've gotten our order but that is the only negative that I can think of. Great experience overall!

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