Make your company sparkle with help from Blanks/USA's Cleaning Services paper solutions.

Blanks/USA offers a “clean sweep” of all the Cleaning Service industry essentials. Never miss an opportunity to give your company credibility and we’ll help you do it.

All of these products can be printed using your digital device.


Cleaning Door Hangers

Knock Knock
Door Hangers are impossible to ignore and are a great way to keep someone notified about a cleaning service going on in a room, building or at an upcoming date. Door Hangers can also be a way to spread the word about a new business or an upcoming promotion by hanging them directly on your customer bases doors.
Blanks/USA Door Hangers

Cleaning Business Cards

Business as Usual
Business Cards are essential in any business and the Cleaning Service industry is no exception. You want to be easy to contact and what better way than spreading your information via Business Cards. Business Cards are also the perfect size for coupons and punch cards.
Blanks/USA Business Cards

Cleaning Integrated Cards

Pop It Out
Integrated Cards are the perfect way to spread information about your Cleaning Services business. Utilize the full-page print area to show off services and print a business card or coupon on the integrated card section of the sheet.
Blanks/USA Integrated Cards

Cleaning Brochures

Hand Outs
Load your Brochures with information about your company and start handing them out! Brochures are a great way to share a lot of information quickly, plus people like to have something in their hands to look at, and it gives your business tons of credibility and makes it look professional.
Blanks/USA Brochures

Cleaning Presentation Folders

Present What Your Offering
Presentation Folders are a great way to let your customers take an in-depth look at services you have to offer. Organizing a Presentation Folders with pricing, business cards and all of the information customers need to choose you is an awesome way to look professional and take your business to the next level.
Blanks/USA Presentation Folders

Cleaning Postcards

Use the Mail
Never underestimate promoting via mail. Postcards are a quick, cheap and an easy way to get information in the hands of your customers.
Blanks/USA Postcards

Cleaning Repositionable Posters

Posters, Posters, Posters!
Promoting a new business with Posters gives you the perfect opportunity to get your business off its feet and creating ones on a regular basis helps spreading the word about your business easy. Use Posters to inform or promote a discount, anything goes.
Blanks/USA Repositionable Posters

Cleaning Tags

Tag It
Tags are a great way to keep track of things that need to be cleaned on a regular basis. Either make a simple tag that says “Clean Me” or create a Tag that lets you document how often something goes through a proper cleaning process.
Blanks/USA Tags