Your Restaurant deserves only the best paper solutions, let Blanks/USA help with that.

Blanks/USA has the best line up of products for every Restaurant, from durable Menus to Drink Coasters to Table Tents, whatever you need Blanks/USA’s products are easy for you to customize and make your Restaurant stand out.

All of these products can be printed using your digital device.


Restaurant Menus

High Quality, Durable & Waterproof
Every Restaurant needs a great Menu. Our Menu stocks are high quality, durable, and are water resistant. We offer flat sheets, bi-folds, tri-folds or can create something customized for your Restaurant.
Blanks/USA Menus

Restaurant Table Tents & Talkers

Dress Up Your Tables
Table Tents are more popular now than ever. Dress up your tables with Blanks/USA’s Table Tents & Talkers and watch your sales increase for a product special. You can also use them to promote Taco Tuesday or a Dish of the Month.
Blanks/USA Table Tents & Talkers

Restaurant Drink Coasters

Great Alternative
Drink Coasters are a great alternative to napkins. They can be reused and you can easily customize them with your Restaurants logo or promote a featured drink, event, or dress up your holiday décor.
Blanks/USA Drink Coasters

Restaurant Bottle Hangers

Promote Your Products
If your Restaurant sells wines you most certainly need to be using Bottle Hanger to help promote them. Bottle Hangers are a great way to point out special features or promote a sale on the product.
Blanks/USA Bottle Hangers

Restaurant Business Cards

Build Trust
Warmth and personal greeting exchanged with Business Cards helps build trust with your customers. Design a card that makes it easy for your customers to make contact for delivery or pick-up services. You can also use the Business Card layout as Punch, Coupons, or Loyalty Cards for your Restaurant.
Blanks/USA Business Cards

Restaurant Postcards

Feel Valued
Postcard marketing makes your customers feel valued and creates authentic relationships by getting directly in your customers hands. Send out Postcards regularly with discounts or Restaurant news to keep your customers engaged and expand your customer reach.
Blanks/USA Postcards

Restaurant Printable Boxes

Make Your Customers “Regulars”
Add a special touch to your mints by putting them in a custom Restaurant Box. Your customers will feel the warmth of your above-and-beyond gesture which in-turn will give them the status as a “regular” customer at your Restaurant.
Blanks/USA Printable Boxes