Luggage Tags

Printable Luggage Tags

Why buy expensive luggage tags when you can print your own at home? Custom paper luggage tags from Blanks/USA are ideal for company promotions, tagging equipment, or simply making your own travel luggage tags when and where you need them. Whether you need bag tags for business or pleasure, there's no easier way to brand or customize luggage tags than printing them yourself! Just select your favorite template from the Blanks/USA library containing thousands of free designs, input your personal information, and watch as your tailor-made tag comes to life.

With our printable baggage tags, there's no extra cutting required; each tag pops out of our micro-perforated paper in a flash, leaving no messy edges or excessive waste behind.

Luggage Tag
Sample Artwork
Luggage Tag
  • Luggage Tag
  • 7 Mil. Digital Polyester
  • 2" x 9.375"
  • 4-up
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • White
  • Digital, Dry Toner, Laser, Offset, Inkjet, HP Indigo
    • Micro-perforated
    • Lead-in micro-perforations
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