Ramp up your Conference game with help from Blanks/USA's paper solutions.

You gather the people and we’ll help with the rest. Conferences should be packed with products to help spread information and keep track of attendees. Our array of products can help you do all of that and more!

All of these products can be printed using your digital device.


Conference Brochures

Relaying Information
Brochures are the most common and effective tools used in Conference settings for relaying information to a small or large audience. They are the perfect way to present images, charts or wordy information that someone can either look at during your presentation or reference at a later date.
Blanks/USA Brochures

Conference Business Cards

Networking Tools
Face-to-face networking has no alternative, it is the proven conventional method of building relationships and Business Cards play a significant role in that. So, make sure you’re prepared for your next Conference with one of Blanks/USA’s high-quality Business Cards.
Blanks/USA Business Cards

Conference Cup Sleeves

Dress Up the Drinks
Help promote your business, a sponsor or a social media handle with Blanks/USA’s Cup Sleeves. They are the easiest way to dress up your event and spread the word about something because everyone always needs a drink.
Blanks/USA Cup Sleeves

Conference Drink Coasters

Element of Professionalism
Just like Cup Sleeves you can promote at your Conference using Drink Coasters. Coasters are so easy to add a logo to or highlight information that is essential to relay to your conference goers. Don’t miss an opportunity to add another element of professionalism to your next event.
Blanks/USA Drink Coasters

Conference Name Badges

Promote Better Interactions
Badges can be used in many different ways at Conferences. Make sure your next Conference is geared up with Badges to identify employees or staff, build brand recognition, promote better interaction between Conference goers or provided an extra level of security.
Blanks/USA Name Badges

Conference Presentation Folders

Nothing Beats Convenience
Presentation Folders add a high-quality look of professionalism to any Conference. Our Presentation Folders are easy to design and are convenient to either prep all of your handouts before the event starts or have your event goers pack them as they go.
Blanks/USA Presentation Folders

Conference Wristbands

Customize the Event
Wristbands are the perfect way to control access or identify guests at your Conference. They also serve as another form of event branding when you customize them with your logo or a sponsor’s logo.
Blanks/USA Wristbands