Kan't Kopy Security Paper

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These days, you can't take any risks when it comes to sharing or protecting your sensitive data and information, whether it's personal or business related. Data theft is rampant, so you and your customers need to know their private information can't and won't be stolen or replicated without their consent. Kan't Kopy Security Paper by Blanks/USA is counterfeit-resistant printing paper that ensures the information you print can't be copied, scanned or counterfeited from the original version—keeping your valuable data safe, secure and compliant, and out of the hands of unauthorized users.

Kan't Kopy Security Paper is standard paper weight (60 lb) and comes in light blue, with anti-counterfeit, high performance security technology already built in. How does it work? Blanks/USA uses pantograph technology to embed hidden messages within our Kan't Kopy Security Paper. If someone tries to make a copy of your sensitive document that's printed on Kan't Kopy Security Paper, "VOID" will appear across the entire page, rendering the document fraudulent and useless.

Kan't Kopy® Security Paper