Coffee Shop

Awake your senses with Blanks/USA’s Coffee Shop paper solutions.

Blanks/USA has you covered when it comes to your Coffee Shop businesses paper solutions. Buy our innovate products, which are easy to customize, and bring your Coffee Shop to life.

All of these products can be printed using your digital device.


Coffee Shop Cup Sleeves

Showcase Your Brand
Customizable Cup Sleeves are the perfect way to showcase your brand. This multi-functional product can not only be a way to promote your brand or dress up your cups but help your customers hands from getting too hot.
Blanks/USA Cup Sleeves

Coffee Shop Drink Coasters

Bring to Life
Bring your Coffee Shop to life with customizable Drink Coasters. Print fun designs for the holidays or events or simply use them as a branding tool. Custom Drink Coasters are an easy and cost-effective way to create a lively atmosphere within your Coffee Shop.
Blanks/USA Drink Coasters

Coffee Shop Loyalty & Punch Cards

No Brainer
People are more likely to frequent businesses where they can get free stuff and Loyalty and Punch Cards can help with that. Easily customize Loyalty Cards with bar codes or create Punch Cards in the size of a business card that will fit right in your customers wallet.
Blanks/USA Loyalty & Punch Cards

Coffee Shop Menus

Top of the Line
Create high quality Coffee Shop Menus with one of Blanks/USA’s top of the line Menu stocks. We carry Synthetic & Plastic PaperTM stocks that are waterproof and durable and are sure to hold up with everyday use.
Blanks/USA Menus

Coffee Shop Integrated Cards

Make Your Business Pop
Integrated Cards are an excellent solution to distribute Membership or Loyalty Cards as well as a way to promote an upcoming sale. Since they punch out of a larger sheet you can easily provide in-depth information about the company or sale with the extra space. Your customers will be able to easily pop out their card and store it in their wallet.
Blanks/USA Integrated Cards

Coffee Shop Table Tents & Talkers

Upsell Products
Table Tents are a great way to upsell products or grab your customers attention about upcoming sales or events. Place our customizable Table Tent’s around your shop and watch your sales boost.
Blanks/USA Table Tents & Talkers

Coffee Shop Repositionable Posters

Make Connections
Promote social media handles, a drink special, or an upcoming event at your Coffee Shop using Posters. A cleverly designed Poster can strike the intrigued of your customers and connect people with your business.
Blanks/USA Repositionable Posters