Tab Dividers

Stay Organized with Customizable Tab Dividers

Big projects require big-time organization. If you're working with piles of paper, legal documents or lots of photos, custom Tab Dividers for your folders are the perfect way to organize it all. With custom-printed tab dividers from Blanks/USA, labeling sections within your binders and presentation folios is simpler than ever. The offset design of our dividers ensures you'll have a clear view as to where each section begins and ends, giving you a clear view of your entire project at a glance.

Our free Design Templates allow you to enter your own text on each divider and order the exact number you need (and extra, just in case!). There's no better way to appear organized, polished and professional than with a binder that's complemented by custom, professionally printed tab dividers. 

Tab Divider
Sheet and Sample
2-Bank Copytabs™ Tab Dividers | 9" x 11" Sheet
  • 2-Bank Copytabs™ Tab Dividers
  • 625
  • 1250
  • 9" x 11"
  • White
    • Collate options
    • 0.5" x 5" tab
    • Optional tab reinforcement
    • Optional 3-hole punch
    • Optional binding edge reinforcement
Starting at $123.48 / pack