Come together for a good cause with the help of Blanks/USA's paper solutions.

Our lineup of Fundraising products can help you spread the word about an event, inform the community about a cause, and get you prepared to host an event properly. Utilize Blanks/USA’s large array of products to give your Fundraiser the impact it deserves.

All of these products can be printed using your digital device.


Fundraising Repositionable Posters

"Post" About It
The key to getting the word out about a Fundraising event is to “post” about it, and what better way to do that than with posters! Our posters come with an adhesive back which sticks to nearly any surface, once your event is over simply peel it off and it won’t leave residue behind.
Blanks/USA Repositionable Posters

Fundraising Postcards

Spread the News
Use our Postcards to spread the word about an event time and place or use it as an information guide to bring awareness to a cause.
Blanks/USA Postcards

Fundraising Tickets

Get Your Tickets Here!
Utilize Tickets to increase donations at your Fundraising event. Tickets are an easy way to get people involved and we offer tons of numbering solutions to make keeping track of tickets simple and easy.
Blanks/USA Tickets

Fundraising Ballot Boxes

Keep on Track
Are you offering tickets, holding drawings or collecting donations at your Fundraising event? If so, you’ll need to keep track of the stubs, cash or attendee names using a Ballot Box.
Blanks/USA Ballot Boxes

Fundraising Name Badges

My Name Is...
Name Badges are a great form of keeping track of attendees or workers at an event. They can easily be printed with barcodes or numbering schemes to keep you as organized as possible or simply print “My Name is” and have your attendee write in their own name.
Blanks/USA Name Badges

Fundraising Brochures

Don’t Forget the Handouts
A great way to spread the word, give detailed information about a cause or give contact and donation information is leaving someone with a Brochure, it’s that simple.
Blanks/USA Brochures

Fundraising Business Cards

Everyone Needs a Great Business Card
Seems like everyone has a need for a Business Card these days, so get in the loop! Print your own Blanks/USA Business Cards directly on your digital printer, we offer a large variety of stocks and thicknesses.
Blanks/USA Business Cards

Fundraising Wristbands

Tag You’re It
If your hosting an event it’s important to monitor attendees and tagging them with Wristbands are the perfect way to do it. Blanks/USA allows you to easily customize a Wristband for your event and print them off right from your digital device.
Blanks/USA Wristbands