Ballot Boxes

Customize Your Ballot Box

Hosting an election? Our election ballot boxes are the perfect addition to any school or community election allowing voters to easily cast their ballots confidentially. Need a suggestion box? Choose our cardboard ballot boxes and let employees or students submit their feedback or questions anonymously. Hosting a baby shower? If the baby’s gender is unknown, let party guests cast their guess or if the baby’s gender is known, vote for the birthdate and weight. And don’t worry about possible tampering - our boxes are secured until the election is closed or until the end of the submission period.

The Blanks/USA’s printable ballot boxes can be customized with a personalized message. Leverage every side including behind the slot to motivate individuals to vote, ask inquiries or offer suggestions. Available in both medium and small sizes, elect these ballot boxes as a cheap, effective way to empower the people to be heard.

Ballot Box