No-Cut Small Ticket | Unnumbered | 8.5" x 11" Sheet | 2.125" x 5.5" Ticket | 8 Tickets/Sheet

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Description & Specs

Our Small Unnumbered Digital Raffle Tickets are manufactured to easily print on your digital equipment. The micro-perforations make for easy finishing - you simply print and pull apart. No extra cutting required. These small tickets are 2.125” x 5.5” on your choice of 2 different paper stocks with a sheet size of 11” x 17”. Each sheet has 8 tickets and the option of 50 or 125 sheets per pack. Customize your tickets with 22 different vibrant colors to choose from.

Disclaimer: Actual product colors may vary from colors shown on your monitor. 

  • Size:

    2.125" x 5.5"

  • Number Up:


  • Sheet Size:

    8.5" x 11"

  • Micro-Perforated:


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4 Reviews

Wayne Misgen Oct 8th 2020

Good Product

I use these and other similar products from Blanks/USA and always am 100% satisfied with the quality. The tickets are on high quality cardstock and always print great. Don't hesitate to purchase!

Hans Toensfeldt Apr 30th 2019

Excellent for home printer use

I'm a volunteer for several Non-profits. We have used these for both event and raffle tickets. The color and hand of the stock is very consistent. Some tips to produce excellent results:
Note that most "home" printers have a path that contains curves or bends; there fore you must keep the blanks as flat as possible in storage and handling. If you are not careful you can introduce almost indiscernible ridges from initial breakage of micro perfs that will cause internal jams of the feeding mechanisms.
We use the unnumbered ones as we use a pattern of YYxxx for all our tickets so that at the event no one can present a ticket from a previous year. Sure we mark or stamp them at the event, but in the heat of that initial traffic jam as people arrive for an event it si very easy to miss marking some.
We also like to use them a bit differently than the "standard" model. On the back of the large portion we get the purchaser to give us their name, address, and contact information at time of purchase; we then retain it and give the purchaser the small portion as their receipt. Helps to build our mailing and calling lists
I have been printing the fronts and backs on separate single passes. I haven't tried to use the automatic two-sided feature of my printer because I suspect the extra curve or bend might cause jams. Maybe if I weren't doing everything at the last minute I would have time to try.
Lastly, my printer is a laser printer - not an ink-jet. The difference is that drops of liquid or a small spill can cause bleeding or even removal of inkjet printing. It is also a color printer , so we rely on the base color of the ticket stock and not the rather expensive colored ink. All of our printing is therefore straight black lettering; the only use of color is for a small copy of our logo.
The result is tickets that are barely distinguishable from those produced by professionals on a press run. I'd give this product a 6 if I could.

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