Lift Off™ Drink Coasters

Get your event noticed with Lift Off™ Custom Drink Coasters. Lift Off™ Drink Coasters are a cost-effective way to ensure high visibility of your message. These paper drink coasters are ideal for event promotions, product promotions, discounts and more. Perfect for professional or personal use. Not just for restaurants and bars, blank paper drink coasters are perfect for your wedding, birthday or retirement parties as well.

Our blank paper coasters are highly customizable to showcase your upcoming events, happy hour discounts, company logos and more. Eliminate frustrating and messy perforations with Blanks/USA Lift Off™ Drink Coasters. Our patented Lift Off liner makes drink coaster finishing a breeze. No cutting required. Simply print your design, print, and peel off the Lift Off™ Liner. The Lift Off™ Drink Coasters will easily pop out of the sheet.