Kan't Kopy® K1 Security Paper with 6-8 Features

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Description & Specs

Kan't Kopy® One-Sided Security Paper has 6-8 security features to keep your printable documents safe from unauthorized copying or modifications. Security features include:

  • Pantograph (hidden message) - When an unauthorized person tries to copy or scan the original, a hidden message appears.
  • Color Match - The original color of Kan't Kopy® paper can not be reproduced with any type of copy process.
  • Kan't Kopy® Artificial Watermark - An artificial watermark is manufactured onto the paper.
  • Anti-Copy Coin Rub - Watermark on the back turns black when rubbed with a coin.
  • Erasure Protection - Guards against erasing/modifying and scanning.
  • Acid Free - Preserves documents for a longer period of time.

Optional features include:

  • Security Features Box - Security features box printed on back indicating security features.
  • Microprint Protection - Text too small for the naked eye is printed on the perimeter of the security features box.

Choose between 5 sheet sizes, 2 pantograph messages, 4 colors, 2 paper stocks, and 3 pack sizes

Pantograph copy performance is subject to the printing equipment used.

  • Pantograph:


  • Pantograph Message:

    Void or Copy

  • Paper Coating:


  • Security Features:

    Acid Free, Coin Rub, Color Match, Erasure Protection, Pantograph, Watermark

  • Optional Security Features:

    Security Features Box, Microprint Protection

  • Security Level:


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