Waterproof Door Hangers

Leave Behind a Memorable Message with Door Hangers

If you are going door-to-door, make a lasting impression with Blanks/USA’s waterproof door hangers. Made from polyester, these hangers are water-repellant and tear resistant and are created with a perforated hole, making them the perfect leave behind - rain or shine. Pick these customizable door hangers to make a sales pitch, promote a hometown candidate for political office, or highlight your business and services. Take advantage of its 2 sides to feature logos, photography, and impactful promotional messages.

Use Blanks/USA’s free design templates to plan your printable marketing message. Built specifically for our waterproof door hangers, our templates make it simple to get your points across.

Waterproof Door Hanger
Sheet and Sample
Waterproof Small Door Hanger
  • Waterproof Door Hanger
  • 7 Mil. Digital Polyester
  • 3.67" x 8.5"
  • 3-up
  • 8.5" x 11"
  • White
  • Digital, Dry Toner, Laser, Offset, Inkjet, HP Indigo
    • 1.25" perforated hole (left in)
    • Weather and tear resistant
    • Micro-perforated
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$44.33 - $102.87 / pack