Please read and follow the artwork specifications listed below; this will allow our Pre-Press department to create a better product and serve you more efficiently.

Electronic Artwork

All digital artwork should be submitted using one of the following formats:

Program Software File Type
Adobe® InDesign® .indd
Adobe® Photoshop® .tif, .psd, .eps
Adobe® Illustrator® .ai, .eps
Adobe® Acrobat® .pdf (.pdf files will print as is)
QuarkXPress® .qxd

If these options are not available to you, please contact us for additional options. 

Include Fonts and Images

  • Fonts - Include all fonts used in your project; both screen and printer fonts are needed when using postscript fonts.
  • Linked Graphics – Be sure to include all of your placed / imported images when you send your artwork. Missing graphics and fonts can cause your job to be delayed.


  • Rasterized art should be at least 300 dpi at 100% size.
  • Final resolution of scanned color or grayscale images should be 400 dpi at 100% size.
  • Final resolution of scanned line art should be 1200 dpi at 100%.

Document Size / Printable Areas

  • Set your document page size to the final size of your printed page. Avoid manually drawn crop marks.
  • Extend bleeds 1/8" past page trim.
  • Be sure to keep non-bleeding items at least 1/4" from any edge or bindery operation.
  • Please refer to our Templates.

Color Management

  • All files should be set up as CMYK color (not RGB as RGB color may drastically change).

Spot Color Documents

  • Specify Pantone Matching System (PMS) colors.
  • Delete all unused colors in your documents; be sure the rest are defined as spot colors.
  • Be sure the colors defined in your graphic files match those in the document.

Process Color Documents

  • Delete all unused colors in your documents; be sure the rest are defined as process colors.
  • Be sure all placed graphics are CMYK. Double-check any embedded bitmaps.

Halftones and Tints

  • Attempting to achieve a color with halftones or gradients is not recommended (screening back PMS colors by changing the opacity or transparency). Selecting a solid spot color will result in more accurate printing.
  • Gradients may result in banding. Avoid gradients if banding is not acceptable.
  • Avoid using halftone fonts; the print quality is much cleaner if solid colors are applied.

Sending us your Artwork

  • Please use your company name and order number to identify your file.
  • E-mail attachments may be compressed/zipped using Stuffit or other compression software.
  • Total size of all attachments per e-mail should be under 10 MB. Files larger than 10 MB should be delivered via optical media (CD-R or DVD) or USB drive.
  • Please e-mail artwork and/or copy to:


If you have further questions, please contact the Blanks/USA Customer Care department at 1-800-328-7311.