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FREE Sample Kit - Just Pay Shipping

This kit contains printed samples of some of Blanks/USA's most popular products. Get a feel for our stocks and get inspired.

Kit Contains:

- 2023 Top Product Brochure
- 12 Mil. Plastic Paper
- 14.5 Mil. Soft Touch Square Corner Business Card
- 7.5 Mil. Poly Weave Wristband
- 8 Mil. Synthetic Integrated Card
- 67lb. Bristol Jumbo Door Hanger
- 10 Mil. Synthetic Paper
- 12 Pt. Cast Coat Folder Body & Pockets
- 12 Pt. Cast Coat Future Folder

1 Review

Melissa Luton Sep 10th 2021


The sample kit is good. It covers a lot of the things that we may have the opportunity to print. It now gives us the chance to give something to the customer that they can feel the quality of the product.

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