Lift Off™ Door Hangers

Remove in seconds! Just design and print your door hangers, peel & pop. Eliminate frustrating and messy perforations with Blanks/USA Lift Off™ door hangers. Our patented Lift Off™ liner makes door hanger finishing a breeze. No cutting required. Simply print your design, peel off the Lift Off™ Liner and pop the door hangers out of the sheet.

Lift Off™ Printable Door Hangers are pre-scored, have optional bleeds, smooth edges and a laminated back for durability and tear resistance. The front is un-laminated and is printable; the back is laminated and non-printable. Lift Off™ Door Hangers come in a variety of professional-quality paper stocks, and are available in 2 sizes. Lift Off™ Printable Door Hangers come with 1.25” standard holes pre-cut to hang on any doorknob.

Lift Off™ Door hangers make a perfect marketing tool for all businesses including hotels, schools, churches, political groups, restaurants, lawn care, service businesses, cleaners, window washers, construction companies, fundraising, and real estate. Design and print door hangers today!