Lift Off™ Die Cut

Custom Die Cut Paper Products

Perforated products you can print at home or in the office make promotions, organization and event projects easy to tackle—but unfortunately, some perforated items come with jagged edges and tear marks you can't ignore. Plus, while perforated products are a great option for custom printed promotional materials, they can be extremely slow out of the matrix and often leave behind rough lines, making your items appear sloppy and unprofessional.

Blanks/USA's Lift Off™ Die Cut products eliminate all the worry and all the mess that can come with creating your own perforated products. From custom die cut bottle hangers and megaphones to printable pockets and folders, cup sleeves, door hangers, table tents & talkers, shelf talkers, tags, drink coasters, custom boxes and shelf strips, Lift Off™ Die Cut products from Blanks/USA are made of high-quality material that are easy to tear out and will never leave sloppy edges.