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We have the products that innovate your printing process and help your business succeed!

Many of our products are designed to save you finishing time and money, and we provide pre-finished formats to get you from print to deliver more efficiently. From pre-scored and pre-perforated, to formats printable on digital equipment, we know you’ll find our products to be innovative and easy-to-use.

  • Blanks/USA Pre-Perforated Paper
    Pre-Perforated Paper

    We strategically place small nicks to eliminate the need for cutting and micro-perforations on certain formats for a clean edge after breaking apart the product.

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  • Blanks/USA Pre-Scored Paper
    Pre-Scored Paper

    Our pre-scored paper takes scoring out of the equation and saves a step in finishing time.

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  • Blanks/USA Pre-Numbered Raffle and Event Tickets
    Pre-Numbered Raffle & Event Tickets

    Save time by ordering your raffle or event tickets pre-numbered. You can choose: Consecutive, Skip or Custom Numbering.

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  • Blanks/USA Printable Mylar Tabs
    Printable Mylar Tabs

    Print directly on our Copytabs™ Printable Mylar Tabs that run through any digital equipment for a professionally finished look.

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Featured Products for Printers

Blanks/USA Lift Off™ Die Cuts

Lift Off™

Printers love our Lift Off™ Die Cuts.

While perforated products are a great option, they can be extremely slow out of the matrix and often leave behind rough lines. We believe efficiency and quality are equally important and that you should never have to choose. That's why we created Lift Off™ liners- to help printers increase efficiency, decrease assembly time, and deliver the highest quality product to their customers.

LiftOff™ Product Features
  • Seamlessly peel and lift off your product from the matrix within seconds! Not only will you waste less product because it seamlessly removes from the matrix, but you will significantly increase your assembly efficiency.
  • Completely smooth lines deliver the highest quality product on the market. Say goodbye to noticeable perforation marks and jagged edges.
  • Print on any copier, laser or offset press.
  • Interlocking tabs on dimensional products easily secure together for a durable product that takes seconds to assemble.
Blanks/USA Wristbands


Durable wristbands you can print on.

Our printable wristband sheets are compatible with Laser and HP Indigo, and certified to print on Ricoh C9110, Konica C1070, and Konica C1100. Easily design and print our wristbands for a perfect and durable wristband solution for any event.

Wristband Features
  • Our wristbands are made with a 7 Mil. Woven Poly material, making them water and tear-resistant.
  • Use our Design Studio to easily design using our 1,000’s of templates and get a pre-imposed and print-ready PDF.
  • We place perforations between the bands so you can easily rip them apart and no cutting is required.
Blanks/USA Digital Synthetic

Digital Synthetic

Durable synthetic paper you can print on.

Our Digital synthetic sheets are made with premium synthetic paper, which means they are waterproof, tear resistant and chemically resistant. From trifold and bifold brochures, to cut sheets, shelf talkers, integrated cards, and door hangers, we have a huge selection of synthetic products you can print directly on any digital printer.

Digital Synthetic Features
  • Our pre-scored folds give your brochures and menus a professional look without spending a ton of money.
  • Compatible with digital, dry toner, laser, offset, and HP Indigo
  • Waterproof, Tear Resistant and Chemical Resistant

Lift Off™ Face Off Video

See how the Lift Off™ Die Cut products compare to traditional perforated products for removal out of the matrix and assembly.

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